Happiness Is: Themed Halloweens

A few months ago I decided to actually care about Halloween this year. In previous years I was always ramping up for the busy season in my business. But since I am on a hiatus right now I was finally allowed to dive deep into this mysterious holiday and actually have a bit of fun.

The girls' fave TV show is "Teen Titans" and the husband is a comic book freak, so it seemed the obvious choice. We would each pick a character of the show to dress up as. Of course the girls changed their minds multiple times but here is how it finally worked out:

I haven't worn a costume since early highschool and that was over 20 years ago. I've never seen my husband wear one either. But let me just say that both of us had as much fun and felt as childlike as the kids. We had a blast. It felt kinda cool to hide behind a mask, yet feel the innate power of super-herodome :)

At the end of Halloween night I tucked my older child into bed. She looked at me and said, "Mom, Halloween is a time to be thankful." I questioned her to find out what she meant. Here is her response, "Today wasn't about candy or costumes. It was about doing something really fun with my family." To me right now during these days of career sabbatical, this is what happiness is.

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