Links That Rocked My Week

Changing things up here a bit on the blog. For Saturdays, I'm scrapping the Happiness Is section and instead adding something that might be more useful to you all. Going forth the Saturday post will be links to other articles or videos that I discovered during the week that spoke to my heart. So here we go.

I've been writing a lot about passion lately and what it means to "find your passion". I'm stellarly excited to find some great posts out there in blogland this week pertaining to this topic.

How To Find Your Passion by Christine Kane. I love some of the ideas Christine presents here. She removes the pressure of finding this thing called PASSION and makes it simple and within reach for those of us who think passion has to be some grandiose thing that makes us want to shout from the mountain tops.

Finding Your Passion by Tyan. Tyan ads to something I've been touting about here- the idea that the passion thing is more about BEING rather than DOING. Check it out.

You Don't Need a Job, You Need Guts by Ashley Ambirge. Ash's blog is one of my faves. She is definitely a Rut Disruptor. This is her new book and I'm digging it. There is a fabulous section in the book about passion finding. Her theory is to combine what you love doing with who you want to BE. She explains it in a way that will captivate you as all her writing does so well.

Alright passion hunters! That's it for now. I expect some serious passion discovering to occur in the next few days. Got it?  I think even I might be figuring some things out. Dang!

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