Links that Rocked my Week

So how's 2011 shaping up for ya so far? I have decided I'm going to start my new year on January 10th. I need to chalk last week up as a loss and hit the reset button. That's ok, it happens sometimes. Anyhow, got some great links to share this weekend so here goes...

Die on Purpose by David at Raptitude- If you read my article No Identity Day you'll enjoy this one. David offers us another exercise in taking a break from our ego. I've tried it a few times and it's very cool.

Find the Joy in Your Life by Matt Koenig A great reminder about what creates real joy.

Do You Remember Who You Wanted To Be? by Tina Jett a quote from this article, "We get so crippled by the notion of how we should live our lives, based on society’s unwritten rules or our own." Time to shake up the rules a bit perhaps?

Have a great weekend! I have a follow up article coming on the ego stuff which I'm very excited to share with you on Tuesday!


  1. I tried that dying on purpose thing but while I sat there at the table pretending not to be there, my children kept screaming, "Mom! Mom! What's wrong with you? Heeeeeellllllp!" Very distressing. Maybe it was just a poor choice of timing, I should try it sometime when the kids aren't around. I'm totally kidding, but I have to admit when I think about it that way, probably my very most important role in the world right now really is Mommy/Wife. My family is who'd miss me most if I wasn't there. So that was interesting to consider.
    Great links, I enjoyed all of them.

  2. hehe, yeah that might freak the kids out. Especially if you told them you were dying on purpose.