Happiness Is: using my hands

This week I felt the urge to do something creatively different. I noticed an interesting shopping bag in the recycle pile. The crispness of the paper caught my eye and the way it reflected light was kinda cool. I noticed the logo on the bag and thought it would make a neat sticker to seal an envelop with. Thus an idea was born.  I experimented with making interesting envelops and cards out of shopping bags and junk mail this week. I loved the feeling of sticky glue on my fingers and feeling the different paper textures. I miss the days of editing film/tape that involved me actually cutting the physical tape with a razor and editing it into place with expensive splicing tape. There is something comforting about connecting directly with your creation. Now we edit video on the computer. Yes, it's easier and faster, but I also feel the computer acts like a filter between you and the creation, separating you from it like a plane of glass. You can still see it but you can't touch it in the same way. Now let's see....what other uses can we find for junk mail?

"Happiness Is" will be a regular feature on Saturdays here at Disrupting the Rut. Be thinking about what you saw or experienced during the week that just made you feel happy for no real reason. Don't you just love those random things that pop up that seem almost like the universe created something just for you to smile about?

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  1. I bought some flowers today for the empty pots that have been sitting outside on my patio all spring and summer. We've been on the go so much, I wasn't motivated to plant flowers only to have them die when we went away for a week. And yes, I know it is Halloween but here in California you can get away with planting flowers year round.
    It was so fun and therapeutic, handling the flowers and the soil, the kids all helped and we made a terrific mess and ended up with pots full of colorful flowers. There is just something wonderful about getting all dirty and feeling the earth between your fingers. Plus, I still vividly remember doing the same thing with my mom, and now I'm giving my kids the same kinds of happy memories.