Rut's This Blog About?

Welcome to this new blog! Thanks for stopping by. I felt like my other five blogs didn’t fit me any more so I decided to start a new one, hehe. A new season of life is beginning and I want a fresh new space to document this phase. I did the corporate America thing, I did the business owner thing, I did the family planning thing. I found myself facing massive burnout with my company and decided to cut way back. I now find myself in a strange limbo where I’m not sure what is next for me. I do know that as I’ve been busy working and trying to achieve stuff, my kids grew tired of competing for my attention and I grew tired of not having much fun. My life became a series of endless desires to achieve more, more, more. It’s the American way, right? Work is top priority and there is no time for real relationships or experiences that take your breath away. Alas, I grew tired, oh so tired of it all.  My life has become a rut.   

As I completed the final video projects for my clients and prepared for my leave of absence I began to notice small amazing things in the mundane day-to-day stuff; stuff I never noticed before because I was too busy. I noticed each day blessed me with interesting observations, humorous encounters, and moments of stunning beauty. “Disrupting the Rut” is my place to remember these things and say thank you to them.

So now is the time for me to rediscover new parts of myself, to remember why I chose to be a filmmaker in the first place. I have forgotten. Now is the time to enjoy my children while they are still young. (I may or may not enjoy them as teenagers, lol.) Now is the time to explore and push my comfort zone as an artist. I don’t mean as a filmmaker, I mean as an artist in life.  I have become so complacent. I didn’t realize that while I was slaving away in the editing suite, my comfort zone was rapidly shrinking into the rut. So this space will also be an accountability tool to remind me to play around with those boundaries, have some fun and see what happens.

If this sort of thing interests you, I invite you follow along with me.  Realize and mess around with your own rut. Share your victories with me and let me support you too! Ready, set, LIVE. Time to Disrupt the Rut.


  1. Love it! There are not many women out there courageous enough to disrupt to rut. It was great seeing you on Sunday. I looking forward to "seeing" you here this next year.